A story about self compassion: Be like the crab.

Self Compassion

A crab was feeding on the seabed out in the open when it realised that its shell was getting tight.

It decided to crawl under a rock in order to crack out of the tight shell. It then grew a bigger shell and was able to crawl back out into the open again to feed.

Similarly, everything in life waxes and wanes: the moon is sometimes full and bright and sometimes barely visible. The trees are sometime full of leaves and sometimes bare.


Self Compassion

Sometimes when we feel vulnerable, we feel a yearning to go and hide: pull closed the curtains and pull the duvet over our heads. Sometimes we do not feel like being visible or big in the world.

Can we allow ourselves to do the same as the crab? To show ourselves the same level of compassion that we show to friends and family members, and to take the time to care for ourselves?

Or are we convinced by our western story’s demand that we must be like our modern technology…

Always on?


Self compassion is a vitally important resource to build, especially nowadays. This is something we are not often taught in our society. If you would be interested in building levels of self compassion, why not try a self compassion meditation? Join a mindfulness course here today.



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