8 Week Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation Course

Mindfulness in Bedford

Join Matthew Aylen, a certified mindfulness teacher, and MSc level coach and positive psychologist for an eight week mindfulness course and learn mindfulness techniques, building a regular personal practice.

One hour workshops.

One evening a week.

For 8 weeks…

Live… interactive… online!

Please note: due to the Coronavirus, we are now offering this course online!

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Research has pointed to a strong link between regular mindfulness practice and:


•Improved Concentration and Attention
•Improved Memory and Intelligence
•Improved sleep
•Increased meaning, subjective wellbeing & flow
•Decreased anxiety & stress
•Helpful with overcoming Addiction
•Helpful with Pain
•Boosts Immune System
•Helps fight depression
•Improves Decision Making
•Impacts ADHD Symptoms
•Helps Control Weight
•Increased empathy and ability to form interpersonal relationships


During these sessions, we will be exploring different mindfulness meditations, watching mindfulness related videos and lectures as well as discussing our continuing practice. This group is an opportunity for people who are interested in mindfulness to come together in order to support each and share information and experience.

Whether you are completely new to mindfulness or a seasoned pro, there will be something in the sessions for everyone. The course costs £7.00 per session which is a total of £56.00. You can book a place on the course by clicking on the ‘Buy Now’ icon below. If you would prefer not using PayPal, please feel free to contact us

You can find out more about mindfulness here.

We look forward to welcoming you!

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Please note: all bookings onto any courses are non-transferrable. Please ensure you can attend the course prior to booking. Refunds will not be given.