Life & Business Coaching



For Organisations:

Through both Masters level trained positive psychological interventions and business coaching, Grow can help broker between human and the organisation. By encouraging employees to find meaning and purpose at work, organisations can benefit from increased productivity, commitment and loyalty from staff. Employees meanwhile feel less stress and increased fulfillment.


For Individuals:

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Masters level coaching can be life -changing. You will find that coaching will help you develop a clearer understanding of who you really are. Increases in self – confidence is another key area coaching can address. It is one thing knowing who you really are, but how authentic are you at bringing this true-self out into the world? Coaching can also help you to find more meaning and purpose in both your life and career. 


Want to Know More?

Free individual consultations are available to give you further information and make sure that coaching is right for you.

We currently cover Bedfordshire, London, Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire and Cambridgeshire. Coaching via Skype is also possible.

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