A company dedicated to well-being

Welcome to Grow! We are a Community Interest Company (CIC) based in Bedford in the United Kingdom that focus on enabling and empowering ordinary people to increase physical and mental well-being, happiness and flourishing in their own lives.

We do this both on an individual and organisational basis in a number of different ways:


Life Coach Bedford

Life Coaching / Business Coaching

A coach becomes your thinking partner, enabling you to think more expansively and helps you to pave the way to a more fulfilled way of being. For businesses, a coach can work as a broker between employees and organisations, helping employees to find more meaning and purpose in the workplace.

Mindfulness Meditation Bedfordshire

Mindfulness Workshops

Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention in the present moment. You will find that there are many benefits of exercising your concentration levels, which have a direct effect on your levels of well-being and happiness. We run individual and group mindfulness meditation sessions in the Bedfordshire area and help support you in becoming increasingly mindful and present. Workshops last either eight consecutive weeks and are 1 hour long, or run over an entire day.


Positive PsychologyPositive Psychology

Positive Psychology is the scientific study of how we can increase levels well-being, fulfillment and happiness. With Masters level training in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology, Grow has the knowledge, skills and experience to help both individuals and organisations to increase levels of well-being.

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Benefits: What the research says…

For individuals, the benefits of coaching, positive psychology and mindfulness have been attributed to:

  • Increases in Self Knowledge
  • Identification of Calling, Talents & Strengths
  • Increases in Self Confidence
  • Increases in Meaning & Purpose in Life
  • Decreases in Anxiety, Depression & Stress
  • Improvements in Personal Relationships
  • Increases in levels of Focus & Clarity

In organisations, the benefits of coaching, positive psychology and mindfulness have been attributed to:

  • Increased Employee Productivity
  • Increased Employee Retention
  • Increased Employee Engagement & Job Satisfaction
  • Increased Employee Loyalty
  • Decreased Employee Anxiety & Stress
  • Decreased Employee Sickness

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