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We live in an anxious time…


It’s normal that we might struggle occasionally.


The pressures and high demands of this fast-paced society will inevitably take their toll.

The messages we receive from birth can often leave us feeling flawed, inadequate, or at the extreme: worthless.


Alternatively, we may just feel an inescapable sense of unease: perhaps a lack of meaning or purpose in our lives…

…a feeling that we don’t really know ourselves, that our lives are unfulfilling in some way:

that our way of being in the world is no longer serving us…


Regardless of what has brought you to this page, psychotherapeutic counselling could help.


This poem by David Whyte speaks to a journey which we are all called upon:



Counselling is offered online or in person, surrounded by nature in Little Staughton, between Bedford and St Neots.


This service is offered as a way of helping to support you safely as you embark upon your own very personal journey of discovery.

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Everything is Waiting for you by David Whyte