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‘I want to…




We live in an anxious time…


It’s normal that we might struggle occasionally.



The pressures and high demands of this fast-paced society will inevitably take their toll.

The messages we receive from birth can often leave us feeling flawed, inadequate, or at the extreme: worthless.


Alternatively, we may just feel an inescapable sense of unease: perhaps a lack of meaning or purpose in our lives…

…a feeling that we don’t really know ourselves, that our lives are unfulfilling in some way:

that our way of being in the world is no longer serving us…



Regardless of what has brought you to this page, Grow can help.



This poem by David Whyte speaks to a journey which we are all called upon:





Grow offers a range of services from life and career coaching, to mindfulness meditation training and courses, to psychotherapeutic counselling.


Services are offered online or in person.


These services are offered as a way of helping to support and guide you safely as you embark upon your own very personal journey of discovery.



Please note that due to the current social distancing precautions as a result of COVID-19 outbreak, all mindfulness courses are now offered on an online basis only.


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Psychotherapeutic Counselling

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Do you find that you sometimes respond to life in ways which perplex you or that don’t serve you? Are you struggling with anxiety, depression, addiction, eating disorders, self harm, sleep problems, PTSD or other mental health conditions? Psychotherapeutic counselling can help.


Life & Career Coaching

A coach becomes your thinking partner, enabling you to think more expansively and helps you to pave the way to a more fulfilled way of being. Through a coaching process, you can move towards your true potential and negotiate barriers along the way.


Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness meditation is the practice of paying attention in the present moment. You will find that there are many benefits of exercising your concentration levels, which have a direct effect on your levels of well-being and happiness. We run individual and group mindfulness meditation sessions in the Bedfordshire area as well as online and help support you in becoming increasingly mindful and present. Workshops last either eight consecutive weeks and are 1 hour long, or run over an entire day. We also run a regular group.

Positive PsychologyPositive Psychology

Positive Psychology is the scientific study of how we can increase levels well-being, fulfillment and happiness. Grow is committed to the local Bedfordshire community to encourage self care and to promote wellbeing.

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Benefits: What the research says…

For individuals, the benefits of coaching, positive psychology and mindfulness have been attributed to:

  • Increases in Self Knowledge
  • Identification of Calling, Talents & Strengths
  • Increases in Self Confidence
  • Increases in Meaning & Purpose in Life
  • Decreases in Anxiety, Depression & Stress
  • Improvements in Personal Relationships
  • Increases in levels of Focus & Clarity

In organisations, the benefits of coaching, positive psychology and mindfulness have been attributed to:

  • Increased Productivity
  • Increased Employee Retention
  • Increased Engagement & Job Satisfaction
  • Increased Loyalty
  • Decreased Anxiety & Stress
  • Decreased Sickness

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Everything is Waiting for you by David Whyte