The Participation Age: Meaning over Money

Advances in technology have brought about many changes to our lives, with increased web and mobile accessibility revolutionising the way we do business.  People are calling this the ‘Participation Age’.

The relationship between employee, employer and workplace is changing dramatically. Since the industrial revolution, employees have clocked in at work, and left their unique human qualities at the door to become extensions of the machines they were working with. This is finally changing. Companies like Netflix, and Virgin are leading the way, offering their staff members unlimited annual leave, flexible working hours and a flat structure. They emphasize ‘meaning over money’ in a ‘results based workplace’ (Chuck Blakeman). Profits have soared as a result, and more and more companies are beginning to realise that the best way to motivate their employees is by setting them free.

As part of this process, managers need to become leaders and workplaces need to be re-humanised. Employees need to be treated like adults, and encouraged to become self motivated through being both accountable and empowered to make decisions. Participation age companies don’t want steady workers as much as people who are truly passionate about their career and the company they work for.

‘ The hallmarks of the Participation Age are simple, participation and sharing. Companies are discovering that if they invite everyone to participate in the building of a great company, and to share in the rewards, both the company and the people, profit more. The Participation Age is also creating workplaces with a soul. This isn’t woo-woo crap; these are hard-core success strategies. And it isn’t a fringe idea. Those who embrace the Participation Age will thrive; those who don’t will be left behind.‘ –  Chuck Blakeman, Founder- Crankset Group

This is where Grow comes in.

Whether it’s through helping managers to become leaders, or individuals to discover their true talent and realise it in their careers. I help people to become more human, which has been proven to translate into success and greater productivity in the longer term.

Through coaching sessions, I will create a comfortable space in which you will feel totally at ease to explore new and better ways of being you. I will give you a structure to help you through this process, but you stay in the driver’s seat, enabling you to go at your own pace and in your own direction.

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