A Mindful Enquiry (Inspired by Pierro Furrucci’s ‘What We May Be’)

Who was Piero Furrucci?

Below is a recording of a guided mindfulness meditation which helps you to check in with yourself: your thoughts, feelings, body and surroundings. It was inspired by one of the fabulous meditations from Piero Furrucci’s book ‘What We May Be“. Furrucci was a follower of Roberto Assagioli and Psychosythesis, a modality of psychotherapy with a focus on the transpersonal.

Why would I practice this mindfulness meditation?

By actively mindfully guiding your attention around different aspects of your experience in the present moment, you are increasing your ability over time to self regulate. This is basically your ability to remain aware of what’s happening in your head and body as you move through your day, and to choose more often how to respond to thoughts and feelings. This ability has been called a ‘superpower’: it effectively allows you to increasingly respond with wisdom rather than responding automatically.

Unwanted thoughts

This is useful in particular when a thought or feeling doesn’t serve us, for example when it is a critical or shame based thought, such as: “I shouldn’t trust people” or “I am not good enough”. By increasing our ability to self regulate through regular mindfulness meditation practice, we are able to become more aware of these limiting beliefs and thoughts and increasingly choose to respond to them in a different way.

Click below to hear the guided mindfulness meditation:

Want to know more about mindfulness meditation?

If you would like to find out more about mindfulness meditation, you could sign up to our 8 week mindfulness workshop. Alternatively, please feel free to contact us for information.