Inner Dialogue Meditation: Magician / Crone Archetype

(Inspired by Pierro Furrucci’s ‘What We May Be’)

Who was Piero Furrucci?

Below is a recording of a guided visualisation meditation which helps you to connect with your own inner wisdom. It was inspired by one of the fabulous meditations from Piero Furrucci’s book ‘What We May Be“. Furrucci was a follower of Roberto Assagioli and Psychosythesis, a modality of psychotherapy with a focus on the transpersonal.

Why would I follow this Guided Meditation?

Visualisation meditations can be powerful ways to connect with our unconscious. You could view our unconscious as the part of us that lies beneath our conscious awareness. Imagine an iceberg, with consciousness above the waterline and the unconscious underneath. It is considerably bigger, and some believe that it contains innate collective wisdom and knowledge.

What is a Magician / Crone Archetype?

By meeting a wise person in this visualisation, you are making contact with your ‘wise man / woman archetype’, sometimes referred to the Magician or Crone. You can find this archetypal character throughout literature, film and in our dreams. Think Gandalf, Obe Wan Kenobi, Dumbledore or The Good Witch of the North from the Wizard of Oz. This universal character is believed by Jungians to be an example of an archetype: a universal image which is a building block for our psyche. Jungians believe we are born with these building blocks, and they are passed on in our genes.


Listen to the Inner Dialogue Visualisation here:


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