Top 10 Online Videos to Help Inspire Personal Growth


There are some great free resources out there which can be truly inspiring to anyone who is looking for meaning or purpose. The videos below are just a few of my personal favourites that I know have inspired many others. If anyone out there has recommendations to add to this list, please let me know.

I recommend watching these during the coaching process when you feel tired and worn out and want to flop down in front of the TV. At least this way, you will still be learning! ūüėČ


1.¬†Finding Joe¬†– The Hero’s Journey Movie:¬†This is my number one suggestion for anyone who feels a bit empty or lost out there, and feels that their life lacks meaning and purpose. By the end of this full length movie, you will be motivated to make the changes necessary to get your life headed in the right direction. I am sorry to say that¬†the link is only to a trailer. Click here to watch


2. Brene Brown on Vulnerability – An absolute classic TED Talk, and one that has inspired thousands of people to embrace their vulnerability. Brene speaks from first hand experience of how truly meaningful it can be to embrace a bit of discomfort in your life. Click here to watch


3.¬†Eckhart Tolle – Enjoying Every Moment –¬†Eckhardt Tolle has written some wonderful books, and is very good at describing how to embrace the present moment and why we need to do it. Click here to watch


4. The Surprising Truth About Happiness – Dan Gilbert does a magnificent job on this highly popular TED Talk of showing you very clearly why getting what you want won’t make you happy, and the more choice you have, the unhappier you will become! Click here to watch


5. Jill Bolte Taylor’s Stroke of Insight –¬†In an absolute heart- wrenching and heart- warming tale, Jill explains how as a neuroscientist, she knew exactly what was happening when she had a stroke. But what she has learnt about what is important in life has a lot to teach all of us. Click here to watch


6. Alan Watts: The Mind – In this short excerpt from one of his many recorded lectures, Alan talks about the mind, and how to quiet it. Useful for anyone who is struggling to spend time on their own without picking up their mobile phone. Click here to watch


7. Francine Christoph –¬†A heartwarming video about the beauty and strength of compassion and empathy based around Francine’s experiences in the Second World War. Click here to watch


8. What Makes Life Meaningful: Michael Steger TED Talk: Michael is one of the leading researchers in Positive Psychology, and focuses heavily on the importance of meaning in life. This TED talk explains why he thinks meaning is so important in our lives. Click here to watch


9. The School of Life Collection РTake your pick of 64 useful videos on subjects including anxiety, self-knowledge, self-compassion, wisdom and much more. Click here to watch


10. Gabor Mate on Attachment, Disease & Addiction: For anyone who suffers from addiction, being too eager to please others to the detriment of themselves and anyone who suffers from ADD. In fact, for everyone. Click here to watch