Before we can grow, we often need to soothe.


To soothe is to ground: to come into the body. To begin to regulate the nervous system.

So many of us hold habitual tension in our muscles, often pointing to unresolved and unprocessed feelings.

You can begin to learn to soothe these old wounds in a number of ways…




Working with a psychotherapeutic counsellor on an individual basis is a great way to soothe.

Perhaps you are struggling with stress, anxiety, depression, an eating disorder, addiction… but it all often points to a disregulated nervous system.

Beginning to soothe, regulate and listen to your body and nervous system can be a great way to begin to heal.


Body Somatics

If you are struggling with:

chronic pain


trouble sleeping

difficulty in relationships

Anxiety & stress


Mood swings

IBS and other digestive problems

…then it is likely that you have a disregulated nervous system.


Learning to soothe the nervous system in a group, using tried and tested somatic and body psychotherapeutic methods can be exceptionally powerful.


Learning to orient to your surroundings, listen to your body impulses and learning to self – soothe can help you come in touch with how you are really feeling about things.


In Western culture, we often prioritise the head over the body, but recent scientific discoveries by people such as Stephen Porges, and new ways of treating trauma, such as the somatic experiencing methods developed by Peter Levine have shown that the body is as much of a part of the mind as the head.