Practical Ways of Working With Anxiety, Stress & Depression: Bedford Workshops



Modern life is stressful. Anxiety and depression in the UK are massively on the increase. This is for a number of different reasons, but generally the ‘rule of thumb solution’ is to be prescribed medication by your GP and perhaps visit a counselor / psychotherapist and carry on with your stressful life. From April 2017, Grow will be running an eight week course focussing on mindfulness techniques which will help you to combat both stress, anxiety and depression.

These courses are eight weeks long, and take place at Bedford Consulting Rooms, 4 Goldington Road MK40 3NF, Bedford

Whilst there are huge benefits in both medication and therapy, Grow offer you the opportunity to also learn practical techniques, information and skills which have been informed through rigorous positive psychological research to have a positive effect on anxiety and depression. You will find these regular workshops useful even if you have not been diagnosed with anxiety or depression, but find your life stressful, and want to find practical ways in order to relax, and increase levels of well being, happiness and fulfillment.

Join Matthew Aylen, a Masters level Positive Psychologist, Coach and Certified Mindfulness Teacher as he introduces new ways of working towards a life with less stress, anxiety and depression and more authenticity, confidence, meaning and purpose.

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Please note that any Grow workshop or course are not an alternative to regular one on one therapy or medication, and if you are currently receiving treatment for anxiety or depression, you should continue these treatments whilst engaging in the workshops.