Positive Psychology


Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology is the scientific study of well-being and happiness and how we can have more of it in our lives. Over the last few decades, many studies have shown that positive psychological interventions can have a lasting positive effect on both individuals and organisations. Through positive psychology, Grow can enable positive change at an individual or organisational level




Positive Psychology For Organisations

By encouraging employees to find meaning and purpose at work, organisations can benefit from increased productivity, commitment and loyalty of staff members. Employees meanwhile feel less stress and increased fulfillment at work: instead of the working week being something to endure, it increasingly becomes something to enjoy.

Grow works closely with the organisations and employees to encourage this shift in perception, brokering between organisation and employee, using proven positive psychological interventions and business coaching techniques in order to increase well-being in the workplace. Contact us to find out more.


Positive Psychology for Communities

Grow are currently working with a number of charities dedicated to helping unemployed people, as well as teaming up with a range of complimentary therapists and running monthly Wellness Workshops across Bedfordshire. At these workshops, people can find out simple ways that they can increase both their mental and physical well-being that doesn’t cost anything at all. To find out more information, click here.


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Positive Psychology for Individuals

Positive Psychology feeds into individual coaching sessions where appropriate, and can introduce you to a number of positive habits and interventions which have been shown through many research studies to have a significant benefit on levels of happiness and fulfillment, reducing stress, anxiety and depression. One of these habits includes learning about mindfulness. Click here to find out more.