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Primary Objective:

To create a place for men to connect in an open and authentic way with each other. A safe space for mental, emotional, physical and spiritual exploration, challenge and growth.

Secondary Objective:

To mentor other men, passing on experience, strength and wisdom. To act as positive male role models in the larger community.


Conscious Masculinity


Grow Men began in September 2018 with a small group of men with a common goal of both supporting, challenging, exploring and learning about their masculinity together.

What it means to be a man has changed significantly in a very short period of time. There have been ever increasing calls for men to show feelings, to cry, to open their hearts, but at the same time not all men struggle to show their feelings. Some men may be in touch with their feelings, but unable to ‘show up’, to assert their wants and needs in the world, or to act with integrity and responsibility.

This group is for all men. A safe space to bring all of you: both light and shadow.


Prepare to be loved

Prepare to be challenged

Prepare to be supported

Prepare to grow


“We model what best friends can do for, and with each other, both inside and outside of group meetings.

As we assert our vulnerability with each other, we increasingly discover the value of having conscious men in our lives, who will both challenge and be supportive of us.”

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